AI and Decision Science

We use AI and Decision Science to help your conversion

In User Companies, we use our BDA model (Behavioral Decision Applicable) to choose which test to prioritize and which changes to do.


Good tests are based on diligent analysis

We analyse the data to develop an optimisation hypothesis that the numbers indicate is likely to be successful. Data driven tests has a true positive impact 77% of the time. Site owners need to recognise that data, and not subjective opinion, are what drives successful change. ​


Understandable Insights

User Companies uses artificial intelligence (AI) to improve test velocity and win-rate without increasing manual resources dedicated to optimization.

We use this data to automatically generate new experiments and enables businesses to quickly evaluate many hypothesis without effort and low win-rate of running a series of sequential A/B tests.


Test your tests now

Good tests take time and resource, so make sure you’re testing the most important things first.

As part of this prioritisation, you need to take into account the length of your test and the amount of time the changes will take. A longer test will deliver better results, but it will also consume resource and potentially delay positive changes.

Using our BDA model and our AI will optimise your testing length… and time.

Think about prioritising quick hit wins, rather than systemic changes to maximise positive outcomes.


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