Our consultants delivered projects for global companies.

What User Companies can bring to your business


User Companies can fill a gap in the experience of a small business owner or add industry knowledge of a specific sector that the company is targeting.


User Companies does not work with a full-time company and do not care about everyday problems, but rather look at the bigger picture.

We will be able to advise with confidence and make unbiased decisions in the interest of the company.


A successful business is a connected business, and networking is a great way to connect. However, for a small business, this can be time-consuming and often difficult to build a network of trusted contacts.

In many cases, User Companies can offer an address book of relevant contacts corresponding to their own experience. These may include vendors, distributors, or potential customers that might be driving your business, or a marketing guru or potential business partner to add a new dimension to your business.


Many boards become victims of bad habits, missed agenda items, diverted discussions and discounted opinions.


Corporate users can complete a table by not only providing the experience and knowledge that other directors may not have but also by being able to give a more objective view of the issues that affect the business and by offering a broader sense of growth opportunities.

Lead generation

Focusing on highly targeted campaigns, premium traffic sources and audience qualification principles we are today one of the most respectable agencies for lead generation. We guarantee 100% exclusive leads that are waiting for you to be contacted by your services.

Themes: Finance – Law – Medical – B2B sales – Construction

Experimentation at scale

Partnering with us does not make you a spectator. On the contrary, a fundamental key to success is the enablement of people in your organisation to become true digital innovators as we concentrate our work on growing agile, lean and scalable new capabilities, not doing the work for you, but with you

Experimentation process – People Automation – Customer experience canvas


Meet our co-founder Julien and his story with Juventus FC.​

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